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Loud music, disco lights, rock-star instructors, serious calorie burning, what’s not to like?
Group cycle is described as an instructor led class where participants workout to music in a gym or studio, using a stationary bike.
Same same but different. There are slight variations on how brands, clubs and instructors approach the saddle based classes. Common names include: Spin®, Cycle, RPM™, Sprint™, Spinning® and Ride.
So here they are, my top 10 reasons to fall in love with group cycle today.

1. No risk of falling – it’s a stationary bike!
2. Keeps things safe – unlike other forms of exercise like running, cycling has minimum impact on your joints, making it a great alternative.
3. No helmet required – all you need is a towel, drink bottle and gym clothes. You can use running type shoes that will be secured in an adjustable cage, or if you have cycle shoes you can use them too as most spin bikes work with Shimano-style SPD cleats.
4. No “maillot jaune” no problem – everyone is welcome, in a cycle class there is room for Froome and beginners too. Take the instructor’s lead and feel comfortable knowing it is up to you to manage your pace and resistance to make it achievable – ultimately you are in control. You will see quick results so you will be able to build up the intensity as your fitness improves.
5. Burn baby burn – indoor cycling will improve your aerobic fitness, while burning calories and body fat, so embrace the glow on your forehead as you pump the pedals.

6. Six pack anyone? – this great workout will help you build lean muscle, tone and shape your legs and bum as well as challenge your core. The core will work hard to stabilise your hips in the saddle for control while pedalling fast or pushing heavy loads.
7. Follow the leader – highly trained instructors are qualified to take you on your ride. They carefully craft their playlist and routine to manipulate the intensity using a variety of terrains, loads and cadences to achieve the training outcome, while using imagery and their imagination to take you on a journey.
8. Rock concert on a bike – that’s right! Loud powerful music is played to motivate you and get you going, paired with the colourful flashing lights. Warning this might lead to fist pumping and whooping!
9. Lycra-minded people – let’s face it, we are all loving the activewear trend, however group exercise classes are a great way to catch up with friends, share experiences, build communities and meet like-minded people.
10. Leave on a high! – literally. You will walk out the door feeling great as endorphins are released. They are produced by the central nervous system when we exercise to reduce the perception of pain and trigger happy, positive feelings in the body similar to opioids. This is what I call a “happy pill”, trust me you will even forget you have a sore bum!
Just remember it is always a good idea to talk to the instructor prior to the class especially when it is your first time to ensure you are set up correctly on the bike and know what to expect.
Take your dose of this “happy pill” 2 – 3 times per week and enjoy the benefits of this great workout.
So… go on, on yer bike!


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