Have you ever had DOMS? Delayed onset muscle soreness is a common pain and stiffness felt in muscles 24-48hours after intense or prolonged exercise.

DOMS involve a complex chain of reactions that happen inside the muscle when it is lengthened (eccentric contraction) which commonly include pain, inflammation and discomfort. Lack of treatment and care can cause fibrosis which limits elasticity and movement in the muscle causing pain and occasionally long term damage.

It is important to take the necessary precautions before and after exercise to reduce the chances of getting DOMS. I recommend always including a warm-up before you commence any exercise regime and finish with a cool down and stretching to protect and lengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons to reduce the chance of injury. I also recommend introducing fire cupping therapy to your post workout regime, here is why.

Cupping has been utilised in traditional Chinese medicine (alternative medicine) for thousands of years. Back then the cups were made from bamboo, whilst these are still used in some traditional practices, glass is the most commonly used material today.

In the process, the practitioner introduces a small cotton ball soaked in alcohol that is lit up and placed inside the cup for a few seconds, the heat generates a vacuum effect inside the glass cup that when it comes in contact with the skin it creates a suction effect. Once the cups are on the skin they can be left in place for a few minutes, alternatively they can slide on the surface of the skin which is very pleasant and feels like a warm massage. Cupping will cause the blood and lymphatic fluid to ascend to the surface of the skin to increase blood circulation within the muscles and eliminate toxins. It also releases and relaxes the muscles further which is great for recovery and injury prevention.

Your muscles are constantly working for you every day to help you perform your daily activities, therefore it is important to look after them and give them some TLC every now and again. Try fire cupping to heal your body in a natural way without medication and nasty side effects as well as giving yourself the chance to enjoy the added benefits of traditional medicine to improve your overall health.

Word of warning, cupping might become your new addiction!

If you are in Mexico I invite you to visit me at QiMED to enjoy cupping and other traditional medicine methods such as acupuncture.

by Dr. Maria Jose Alvarez


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