And core it was! I paid a visit to the Heartcore studio in Chelsea to try out their TRX Core class on a Thursday morning at 6:30am.
Heartcore provide a range of classes including barre, reformer pilates and TRX. They have about 8 studios across London.
I made a booking on their website which was really easy, all you need to do is create an account and way you go. I knew I wanted to do the TRX class and they only offer it at some studios so just be aware of that if you want to book a class not all classes are offered at all studios.

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Now for the class, I arrived at the studio which is a bit hidden but found it up the stairs, the studio was very bright, modern and clean. The main room had the reformer pilates beds and the smaller room had the TRX straps. Our instructor was Scott and he was great, lots of energy and really paid attention to each of us to make sure we were performing the moves correctly. The class was a mixture of TRX and HIIT which was awesome, to be honest suspension training is super tough so I was more than happy to take the straps off for a few minutes before I got them back on again. Learned lots of different moves and different ways to use the straps which was great. My core was on fire, it literally burns like hell but I loved the challenge and because there are so many moves it keeps things interesting and you just keep moving from one move to the next. I really liked the room as it was small which meant that we had a lot of attention from the instructor. I had never done a TRX class before so this was incredibly valuable.


Then it was shower time, the changing rooms were unisex to my surprise, I have to say I don’t really mind but I would have liked to know, maybe I missed it? They are quite small but they provide everything you need including shampoo, body wash, body lotion, hair driers, deodorant towels, the works so you don’t need to bring much. There are small individual changing rooms and showers however there are no lockers so you have to take your belonging with you. There was another thing I thought was a bit odd and that was the separation between the changing rooms and the studio is glass so let’s just say there is not a lot of privacy and whilst people slide away on their pilates beds you could be walking around wrapped around in your towel – just sayin’

Overall I had a really good experience and I loved the workout, I would definitely recommend the studio and Scott’s class as long as you can afford a whooping £27 per class! Most studios offer classes for £20 so a bit overpriced in my opinion. The first class is free so it is great to give them a go and decide if you can treat yourself to a class every week.

I love trying out new classes and locations, if you have any recommendations let me know, or why not join me next time 😉

FitCrowd Alejandra Alvarez Heartcore


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