There is nothing more satisfying than a smoothie bowl, it is such a treat and it is full of healthy goodness. It is nature’s alternative to ice cream – you can get creative and use your favourite flavours. Here is one of my faves.


– 1 handful frozen berries: I used blueberry and raspberry
– ½ banana
– 4 Medjool pitted dates
– 1 serving Good Berries Superfood, I use The Good Guru
– Mixer of your choice I used almond milk
– Toppings: 1 Berry Burst Dynabites bar, dried coconut flakes, poppy seeds


– Blend berries, banana, dates, berry superfood and almond milk until thick and smooth
– Chop Berry Burst Dynabites bar into little bite size squares
– Decorate with toppings
Tuck in!

TIP: save some Good Berries Superfood from The Good Guru for sprinkling on top 😉

IMG_2158 2


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