Last Saturday 30th of July 2016 athleisure brand Lululemon hosted the “Sweat Life Festival” in London at Tobacco Docks. The festival saw the top boutique London studios host a sample of classes to the hundreds of fitness enthusiasts who took part on the event including myself.

Upon arrival we were greeted with lots of smiles and staff who seemed to be everywhere. Registration went really smoothly we were given our wristband and lanyard that would give us access to the classes we had pre-booked.

FitCrowd Alejandra Alvarez SweatLife bear

Walking in down the hallways we could see through the glass the different studios set up in individual rooms with impeccable branding, the venue was perfect for the event. Studios included Frame, Barry’s Bootcamp, Core Collective, Psycle, Kobox and Heartcore.

We left our bags in the cloak room that and made our way to our first class – HIIT with Core Collective. Instructor James introduced himself and explained what would be happening during the class. We got under way starting with a combination of body weight and weights circuit (that was a killer!) in rotation with floor work, there were 2 big groups and we worked in pairs. It was fun but but I’m not going to lie, that was tough! We were rewarded for our hard work with very generous goodie bag that had some fabulous Garnier products – we felt very lucky!

FitCrowd Alejandra Alvarez Sweatlife Core Collective bag

FitCrowd Alejandra Alvarez Sweatlife Core Collective


We dragged our feet to the Kobox room for our boxing class,  I was blown away by the set-up, imagine a dark room with bright lights, punching bags were hanging and we were greeted with some gloves to keep (winning!). The instructor Jay Brown known as “The Beast” introduced us to the workout and not long after we were learning the moves 1,2,3,4,5,6. Alternating with some gruelling floor work, the numbers were projected on the wall and we were punching the bags as The Beast commanded the sequences “1-2-1-2, 3-4-3-4, 5-6-5-6” he yelled out. I have to say I have never heard anyone speak so fast, or maybe it felt that was as I could barely keep up! Finished with a run and some well deserved stretching, that was tough but fun and enjoyable.

FitCrowd Alejandra Alvarez Sweatlife Kobox

Next up was a dance class by Frame where we met instructor Jono – wow that guy can move. All I can say is I’m glad there was no mirror to help me realise how bad I looked but I did feel like Beyonce. Routines were easy to follow and more importantly really fun, time flew by when we came to the end I was happy I managed to stay standing, legs were giving in at that point.

We finished off the classes with Vinyasa yoga by one of Lululemon’s ambassadors in a really big room, mats were laid out and the vibe was peaceful and serene, perfect way to finish with some stretches, omms and dogs.

It was finally time to have a walk around and see some of the amazing brands on display including Tribe, Pip and Nut and Oppo. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, there was table tennis, photo booths, bean bags, outdoor seating and even a bar.

The photo booth was my favourite part as we were a bit silly at the end with some props and were emailed our little video which was really fun.

Top notch event, I really enjoyed it, only wish my body would have allowed me to do more classes, but that was enough for one day. I’m booked in for a Heartcore TRX class this week at their Chelsea venue, may the sweat life continue.

Hope you can join me next time! #SweatLifeFestival #LululemonUK



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